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Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Save some money, buy a camera and maybe a couple of lenses. Perhaps even splurge on a tripod and some kind of fancy flash. So far so good. Now what? Sure you can go out with all that great gear draped around your neck and start photographing everything you see. Or maybe you are interested in making images of still objects, or being a fashion photographer, or an editorial portrait photographer, fulfilling assignments for all the major publications around the globe? These are just a few of the available options you have in your pursuit of a fulfilling, lifelong, career in photography. But this is the fun part; this is why we all decided to become professional photographers. However, creating beautiful images alone won’t a career make. In order to achieve that rewarding longevity we all seek, you will need to balance the provocative, compelling art form that photography is with the often-overlooked business side needed for success. Occasionally strip away the beautiful imagery, the wonderful gear we all love, the new software that will make our jobs easier and look at it in the simplest of business terms.

How much value can you attach to it? AKA Net Worth or Profit & Loss.

Unfortunately there is always a bit of soul searching needed when one begins a life long venture such as this. Which might actually be one of the hardest things you will do. So be it, no one said this journey would be easy. However, it needn’t be painstakingly hard either. Do you shoot weddings? OK, what kind of weddings? Traditional? Journalistic? Perhaps a combination of both. Where do you do this? Local banquet halls or do you shoot high end, luxurious destination weddings on private estates in the Hamptons?,1324791.html